Navigating the Closure of SmileDirectClub: What It Means for Patients

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Dec 20, 2023

The dental community and consumers alike were taken aback by the recent news of SmileDirectClub filing for Chapter 11 bankruptcy. As a company that offered direct-to-consumer clear aligner therapy, SmileDirectClub had become a well-known name for many seeking a convenient and affordable way to straighten their teeth. This sudden closure leaves numerous customers in a state of uncertainty regarding their ongoing treatment and future orthodontic care.

Understanding the Closure

SmileDirectClub's innovative business model aimed to democratize access to orthodontic treatment by eliminating the need for regular in-person dental visits. However, the company faced various challenges, including legal issues and financial constraints, leading to its eventual bankruptcy filing. This decision marks a significant moment in the field of orthodontic care, particularly for teledentistry.

Impact on Current SmileDirectClub Patients

For those currently undergoing treatment with SmileDirectClub, this news may cause considerable concern. Key questions arise: What happens to your treatment plan now? How can you ensure that your orthodontic needs continue to be met? Here are some steps to consider: 1. Seek Professional Dental Advice: Contact a dental professional as soon as possible to discuss the implications of SmileDirectClub’s closure on your treatment. They can provide guidance on how to proceed safely with your orthodontic care. 2. Review Your Treatment Plan: Bring your treatment details to your dental appointment. This information will help your dentist understand where you are in the treatment process and how best to move forward. 3. Understand the Options: Your dentist may suggest continuing with another form of clear aligner therapy, switching to traditional braces, or even pausing treatment temporarily, depending on your specific case.

The Importance of Professional Oversight

This development highlights the critical importance of professional oversight in orthodontic treatment. While the convenience of at-home kits is appealing, the complexities of moving teeth safely and effectively often require the personalized care and supervision of a dental professional.

Alternatives to SmileDirectClub

For those considering starting orthodontic treatment or seeking to transition from SmileDirectClub, there are several options: 1. In-Office Clear Aligners: Options like Invisalign offer the benefit of regular check-ups and personalized treatment plans from dental professionals. 2. Traditional Orthodontics: Conventional braces remain a proven and effective method for correcting a wide range of dental alignment issues. 3. Local Dental Providers: Many dental clinics provide comprehensive orthodontic services and can offer individualized care tailored to your needs.

Moving Forward with Confidence

The closure of SmileDirectClub is an opportunity for both current and prospective orthodontic patients to reevaluate their treatment options. Seeking the guidance of qualified dental professionals ensures that your path to a straighter smile is safe, effective, and tailored to your unique dental needs.


The end of SmileDirectClub's services is a significant event with substantial implications for its current customers. For those affected, this situation underscores the importance of consulting with dental professionals to determine the best course of action for their orthodontic treatment. As the dental community continues to evolve, prioritizing patient safety and professional guidance remains more important than ever.